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Prestige Collector was established in early 2003 to be a one of Singapore's major used authentic designer accessories distributor.

All our products are of the finest quality and value with re-conditioning to near mint condition.

Our clientele ranges from locals, expatriates, professionals, businesswomen and TV artistes, with monthly requests catering to the international market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q : How do we know if your stuff are authentic?
A : We will verify the bags before using cash to buy it from our customers. As most of our stuffs are not under consignment, therefore we wouldn't take the risk of buying fake using cash.

Q : How do you differential a genuine and an imitation?
A : We base on the material used and the workmanship of the bag to differential. As imitation cost is lower so manufacturer would not use the authentic costly material to manufacture the bags.

Q : Is there any receipts attached?
A : If my customer provides upon the time when they sell, we'll definately attach it with the bag. But we wouldn't base on receipts to buy in our genuine bags, as receipts is not attached to the bags so receipts does not prove any authenticity of the bag.

Q : Why are the pricing so differently even though they are of same model or same brand?
A : We price our bags base on how high is the market demand for that particular model or brand and also on the condition of the bag.

Q : How long has the previous owner been using the bag?
A : We base on the condition of the bag to buy in and price it as our concern is on how good or bad the condition is rather than how long the previous owner has been using it.

Q : Is there any authenticity card, dustbag or box?
A : Only brands like Chanel, Christian Dior, Prada comes with authenticity card. Normally, we will attach whatever the seller provides upon selling.